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Our Mission

Empowering businesses and people, by being in control of the way they access THEIR cash or crypto through OUR user friendly, safe, reliable and innovative ATM machines. 


Major ATM benefits 

Increase Average Spending

If you own a store, a convenience store, gas station, boutique, etc., you want to increase the amount each visitor spends. An ATM is a great way to do this. Why? Cash. When people have cash in their hands, it’s convenient, it’s available, it’s quick, it’s ready. 

Having an ATM machine available to your visitors and existing customers increases the chances of them purchasing more items, especially those impulse purchases like snacks, gadgets, souvenirs, reusable totes…. All of this adds up in the course of a month to drive up your sales

Save Money on Credit Card Fees


If you offer access to cash in your store, you encourage more cash payments. More cash payments mean less credit card transactions, less fees, and more money in your pockets. Then, if it works for your business, you might be able to become a cash-only establishment and never pay another credit card transaction fee again!

Another option you have is Bitcoin. Depending on where your business is located, and the needs of the consumers in the area, you might find that Bitcoin ATM Machine (BTM) brings in customers who may have trouble finding this service. 

Increase Traffic


When you add an ATM machine to your store or business, you will draw new customers.

We will install a small sign ( free of charge) to advertise that you offer ATM/Bitcoin services. The more services you offer, the wider range of customers you appeal to. The end result is more revenue for your business. An ATM machine can be quite the magnet.

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